The Angle of Your Finger Shows Your touchscreen is better than 3d Touch

How often is your phone or tablet in your hand? Now think about life, in let’s say, 1995. Good times, I agree. However in the world we live in today a broken screen or a faulty Mic or speaker will leave your phone and virtual world hindered. How can you watch you tube videos while … Read more

Enjoy Effective Online Marketing with the Help of these 6 Websites

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Common Website Pitfalls

When it comes to web design, it’s always important to stay in front of your competitors. With the number of websites, and development of web applicants growing on a daily rate in exponential amounts, ensuring you are staying ahead of your competition can sometimes become difficult.   Remembering the basics   Maybe you created your … Read more

WordPress:How to create a free blog in 15 minutes

WordPress: Start a free blog at best blogging platform If you have one question in your mind “How to create a free blog?” then you are at right place. In this post I will explain you how to start a free blog on best blogging platform WordPress. Today everyone wants to be a blogger. Someone wants to … Read more