Common Website Pitfalls

When it comes to web design, it’s always important to stay in front of your competitors. With the number of websites, and development of web applicants growing on a daily rate in exponential amounts, ensuring you are staying ahead of your competition can sometimes become difficult.


Remembering the basics


Maybe you created your website or landing page a few years ago. If you haven’t completed any updates, you website may look somewhat outdated, or lost compared to newer website designs. With the progression of time, web templates and layouts are constantly changing.


It’s important to keep your site regularly updated, so your organization’s information is user-friendly and easily accessible. You want to make your businesses mission clear and concise- and this should reflect in your website build. You want to make sure outsiders are gaining a deep appreciation for your organization within the first few minutes of visiting your site.


There are a few things that many webmasters overlook, or forget about. You can have the best looking website, with the highest number of pageviews per month, and a large social following, but may overlook some of the most common aspects that all web platforms should include.


  • Relevancy- A lot of times, businesses forget they need to just focus on one niche. Keeping your web content up to date, with information that your readers would genuinely be interested in is a necessity. Your readers will tend to lose focus and motivation to visit your website if you don’t withhold certain standards
  • Create a social network- With the rise in social media, it’s now more important than ever to create social networks where users can find your organization, and learn more about your product offering. Posting regular updates to your Facebook or twitter accounts can allow outsiders to obtain the necessary information they need to know when visiting your businesses social networks
  • Ensuring proper contact methods- One of the biggest challenges that many businesses may face is the conversion of generating website visitors into prospects, or customers that can form long term relationships with the business. In the past few years, many businesses have created excellent websites, and areas within their sites where customers can contact them. After a few months or years down the road, often times website managers forget to double check all aspects of their website. One of the biggest losses can result from faulty contact forms. If a customer is unable to contact your business, your revenue and customer base will eventually decline.

A great way to ensure your contact forms are always working is by utilizing free tools such as Conversion Locker, which maintains and tracks your contact forms 24/7, and notifies you if there are errors.


In the digital age.
In the digital age, there are a multitude of advancements that can result from newer technology and web design. Reflecting upon the past few years, we can see the fast expansion and importance that results from properly functioning web platforms. Staying ahead now will only ensure success down the road, in the years to come. Can you imagine the changes we will experience in web design and formatting in the next decade?

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