Dublin, Ireland: Parks, Gardens, & Mountains

With the bustling city streets and lively crowds in Dublin, it is essential to track down the most peaceful natural retreat after a long day of sightseeing. After you’re done soaking up the natural beauty of the surrounding region, you can retire to your holiday apartment you found on GowithOh.

St. Stephen’s Green

St Stephen’s Green makes for the perfect setting to escape the Dublin crowds into a garden of pure relaxation. This urban park can be found at a convenient location near the city center. A visit to Stephen’s Green is the best way to take a load off in between exploring the many boutiques found in the shopping district. The beautiful architecture and ducks on the lake paint the perfect backdrop in this inner-city park. This iconic symbol of Dublin continues to capture many with serene natural areas that were mentioned by none other than James Joyce in his novel Ulysses. Phoenix Park is another great favorite in Dublin that completes Europe’s largest walled park in existence. This green area is home to running trails, fine eateries and Dublin Zoological Gardens. Many come here to witness the herds of deer that roam about the park or see the obelisk of Wellington Monument and the large Papal Cross towering over the green.

Green Parks and Rose Gardens

St Anne’s Park in Dublin is unique with walking areas that open up into stunning views of the coastline. Take a stroll around the forests and meadows of St Anne’s Park and discover the Rose and Chinese Garden with fine formal landscaping and flowers. The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin holds an array of Victorian greenhouses and the most impressive collection of flora in the city! Walk along the paths through an enchanting wooded area and spot the most rare and exotic species within the glass houses. With plants of every variety from the Rose Garden to Alpine Yard and the flourishing pond and Rock Garden, the National Botanic Gardens is home to an abundance of diverse species. Be sure to stop by at the café for some delicious scones and cakes! The brilliant sunken red rose beds of War Memorial Gardens create a quiet and calm atmosphere. Designed by Sir Edwin Luytens, this memorial stands tribute to the thousands of Irish soldiers that lost their lives during the Great War.

Excursion to the Mountains and River Boyne

Step outside the city and retreat into the Dublin Mountains to capture the most magnificent scenery. The view of entire city of Dublin and surrounding areas in the distance are beyond description. This breathtaking vantage is a must see, so take a bus to Glendalough and hike the trails to the top! For an exciting excursion into the Irish countryside, hop a bus or take a rental car to the land of Brú na Bóinne just north of Dublin. Here the monuments of Newgrange are home to some of the oldest tombs in Europe and scenes of gentle green hills that run the length of the shimmering River Boyne. These tombs form grand mounds covered in grass that stand a testament to the earliest peoples of Ireland. The wide open spaces and charm of these Neolithic structures put one at peace among the beautiful surroundings.

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