Enjoy Effective Online Marketing with the Help of these 6 Websites

They say that the best students are those who learn from their masters.  By consolidating information from different experts, one gets a wider knowledge about his chosen field of specialization.

If before acquiring huge volumes of information requires long hours of researching on libraries, now, the tedious process has been reduced to mere taps on your keyboard.  The online arena has now provided a more diverse, informative and timely information professionals can easily exhaust.

This increased speed and efficiency is a real blessing especially for professionals working in the field of sales and marketing. With the huge potential of extended reach for their products or services, the need to be constantly updated with the most recent innovations and trends in their industry is a must.

Here are 6 leading and must-follow sites to boost your sales and marketing knowledge.


This is basically the home for any business-related news, opinion, informed analysis and even interviews with marketing experts.  Articles on this site do not only cover those who are included in the fortune 500 companies but also those startup entrepreneurs who are showing huge potentials in their business.

This is an ideal avenue for getting to know the major players in any industry and get in touch with other marketers through comment discussions.


Lots of real-life entrepreneurs and business experts get to be featured on their site. Many of them give out proven effective tips in selling, growing a business, finding good people who can be a part of your venture and much more.

How to posts straight from a marketer’s personal experience on the field are also available. If you’re someone who loves crunching numbers, looking at statistics and observing sales fluctuations in whatever business you are interested in, you will find lots of timely and usable information from here.


One common misconception about sales people is that they only deal with the actual selling of products or services. This may hold true in the past, but times change. Now anyone who wants to do marketing has to know the basics of providing strategic and helpful information in a digital format.

Copyblogger is an excellent source of content marketing strategies that work. Plus, it’s run by expert sales, marketing and communication personnel, making the site a true authority in its niche.

Digital Marketer

If you’re a salesman who is not tech savvy, then this site deserves a visit. If you’re well versed with the digital platform, on the other hand, you have more reason to check this out. This site focuses on the digital aspect of promoting what you have.

If features special functions on the most common advertising platforms like the social media and even have its podcasts available for those who learn better by listening.  Things like the productivity app for salespeople can also be featured on this site.

Social Media Examiner

Before, promoting one’s product through television, radio and newspaper are considered as the most powerful method of grabbing your target market’s attention. This is no longer the case. While the three platform giants are still widely used, there’s another alternative that entered the game – social media.

It’s free, has a wide reach and offers lots of flexibility for salesmen to market their goods at the style and length of their choice. Social Media Examiner helps you optimize your usage of the different social media platforms by teaching you its different functions.

If you’re heading to a full-on social media marketing campaign, then following this site is an advantage.


Having some serious troubles tracking your team’s progress? CoSchedule offers an efficient solution. The site gives out informative tips for making the best out of your marketing strategy and making sure that they work.

If it’s about project management, sales, marketing, tracking or anything that involves dealing with schedules and management, this website has you covered. Consistency is the key to making your content marketing work. With this site you will learn important strategies like creating effective social schedules, driving traffic to your blogs and planning your month’s editorial calendar to fit the message you wish to relay.


Enhance your efficiency in direct and online selling by learning from the experts. Now that you can get a hold of their valuable inputs online for free, there’s no reason why you should miss the chance.

Connect to your audience, sell like a pro and win the market competition!

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