Finding Peace and Quiet on Lanzarote

When thinking about your next holiday, you may not immediately associate the island of Lanzarote with Zen-like moments – but this would be a mistake.

There are plenty places on this island to find yourself and to find quiet. Of course, the best thing about it is that you can do it 365 days a year here because the climate is so favourable. The true Zen follower may be able to achieve absolute existentialism pretty much anywhere – but it is a lot easier when you’re soaking up the sunshine whilst being gently cooled by an ocean breeze – and that’s what you get here at any time of the year.

Even in the height of the summer, you’d be unlucky to be too hot. The Canaries have one of the best climates in the world which is why so many people seek holidays to Lanzarote and the other islands in such numbers each year. This also has its disadvantages, of course, so you need to know where to look to find the quieter sides of the island.

One good option is Playa Blanca; a quiet which is very laid-back and retains much of its original charm as a working harbour.

In fact, you’ll find much of stunning scenery of Lanzarote, including its volcanic features and white beaches, have remained unspoilt. Local regulations in the area mean that there are virtually no billboards or high-rise buildings on the island so if you find a good vantage-point you should be able to observe some wonderful views.

Even in the traditionally busier areas – you don’t usually need to go far to find an oasis of calm. The village of Puerto Calero, for example, is on the outskirts of the tourist hotspot Puerto del Carmen, but here you can find the ideal chill out bar – appropriately named ‘Buda’. This little haven of tranquillity overlooks the marina whilst the décor is all inspired by Buddhism – with plenty of Buddhas in many shapes and sizes to make you feel ‘at home’.

The incense, colourful lighting and the décor – not to mention the wonderfully relaxing weather – give you a real sense of being in the Far East, but for a fraction of the travel cost and requisite time of course.

Although it might not spring to mind as a first choice of holiday destination, you can find peace and quiet here if you know where to look.

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