Great Topics for a Blog

Do you know what a blogger thinks when he/she is going to write a blog post????????

A big question mark for those who are not bloggers and a little bit smaller question mark for fresh bloggers who has just started their blogs.

Even i am also a fresher in this field so i don’t have much experience to give the answer of this question.But i will share my experience of blogging.

I don’t know when i thought of starting a blog but when i thought about it.

I searched on google “In which topic should i write the blog?” 

I was shocked, my god,I got thousands of search result in which various topics were explained.Some posts were saying this should be the great topic and some were saying that should be the great topic.I was really confused which topic should  i choose for my blog.So i decided that i will decide the topic which will entertain people,which will contain some enjoying moments,which can attract people to my posts.I thought for more than ……………………….????????

Can you guess,You have following options:

1)100 years

2)1 years

3)1 months

4)1 week

5)1 day

6)1 hour

7)1 minute

8)1 second

Have you guessed the answer??????????????

Just think and give me a reasonable answer.

Ok , I will tell you the write answer,It is None of the above

I think it was a nice question and i know that the answer was best because in my blogs you have to think out of box,you have to think like a boy,not a men or women.So now you know the answer of the question.Now do you want to know the right answer????????

I know many of you don’t want to know the answer.No problem,lets continue the post.

So after thinking for unknown time(which exactly i also don’t know) i thought that its better to choose the entertaining area to write blog.I was very happy that i have decided the subject for my blog and i clicked on new post.Now i was thinking how can i entertain people,I have decided to entertain people but how there are various ways.Now again i was stuck in selection of subtopics.I again started thinking how can i make people laugh?????????? Because they don’t know me and i also don’t know me because it is easy to entertain ones whom you know because you know them,you know how they can laugh but i am writing something for people to whom i don’t know.What am i supposed to write??

At that point an idea changed my life.That idea to become a blogger.Because i was thinking all the story about blogging and laughing.So i just thought that i can write on this topic to start my blogging.

So for me starting a blog was an entertaining idea.

So i have explained the life cycle of confusions in choosing a topic for a blog.

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