How Community Involvement Is Everything When It Comes to Social Media

Have you ever been on a public Facebook page and left a question or comment only to have it ignored? Granted the person you are following may not have the time to answer every question or request. If you notice that comments are generally ignored, it can make you feel like you’re just another number. No one likes to feel ignored or overlooked. Every so often when your question or concern is answered, your opinion of that company or public figure or is enhanced. Social media engagement is another form of customer service. Poor customer service is a turnoff. We all want to be acknowledged and respected.


Whether you’re a corporation or an entrepreneur, an online social media presence is key to connecting and marketing. In a world where technology is used on a daily basis for communication and engagement, using social media networking and engagement is the equivalent of writing a personal letter or a calling someone.


Engage your audience.


If you’re a business owner, go the extra mile! If you have a Facebook page, communicate with your followers. Have a theme and have them participate. Have a funky sweater day and share your pictures. Have them share theirs. This creates an emotional connection between you and your followers. Start a video chat and share a little about your vision for your company or organization. Tell your followers how much you appreciate their support. Leave room for your followers to ask questions and answer them as best you can.


The importance of acknowledgment.


Your social media followers want to feel like following you is worth their time. As they show you support, show them your appreciation. If you have a new social media follower, try to acknowledge them and thank them for following your business. If you have a big business it may be difficult to keep track of all of your new followers, but sending a general thank you message to any new followers is a good way to show them that you’re thankful for their support of your company or business.


People want to feel like they matter and not just another person. Have incentives! Hold a special contest for your followers. Announce the winner and make them feel special. Have several prizes if possible to offer your audience more odds of winning.


The Power of Personability.


People who are relatable often have more of a following than someone who comes across as aloof and out of touch with their audience. Interpersonal engagement comes in handy when communicating with an audience. People generally don’t connect with someone whom they feel is out of touch with their concerns. Being a little vulnerable at times isn’t necessarily so bad. Share a heartwarming video that shows that you’re more than just a business.

Involve them.


If you have a business with a strong social media presence, why not use your platform to encourage your audience to connect with another organization? If you’re a business that has several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a Youtube account, you want to show your audience how you are working with other businesses. When your followers see that you are involved with a charity that helps rescue animals for instance, they’ll feel more inclined to trust you and even help further your cause.

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