Keyword Research: A definitive Guide

If you own a blog or website then you should be concerned about the traffic and popularity of the blog. If we search for “How to grow traffic on the blog” then in most of the posts one thing will be common and i.e. Keyword Research.

So if you have any blog or you are going to start a blog, first thing you have to do is to do the keyword research. Keywords are very important in the case of SEO

(Search Engine Optimization).

Keywords are like compass for the SEO campaigns which tell you where to go.

So we have to find out the keywords which are suitable for our blog and which can be beneficial for the blog to attract the traffic to your blog.

Most of the sites will suggest you to research about keywords in the following steps:

  • Come up with few keywords which your customers might search
  • Put those keywords into the Google Keyword Planner
  • Pick a collection of keywords based on search volume

This is the procedure which everyone is following and they are getting benefit. But before doing keyword research if you will be able to identify Niche Markets in your industry then you will get more benefit.

So now you have one question, what is this Niche Market?

But before explaining this term I will explain the benefits of this.

Suppose you have a blog related to Blogging. If you will search for blogging on Google Keyword Planner then following is the result.

So you will be able to see the results which are closely related to your keyword but they can’t  be directly related to that keyword. What is the benefit of this search? We are not getting any direct related keyword on which we can write the posts. Instead of this if we were using that Niche Market then the result would have been different.

So now I will answer what is Niche market.

A Niche Market is simply a sub segment that is part of your larger market.

So we have to find the keywords which are related directly to your business field. If we are able to find out nearly 5 -7 keywords which are floating around our business domain then we will be able to find a great keywords.

The best way to find the niche market for your business is to find out some forums which are related to your business and then search for the current search strings which users are searching there on this forum.

I have 2 options to search about Niche Market:

  1. Search on google
  2. Use forum which is good

On google search the following:

You will get some forums go and search for it. I went this forum and I got some important topics on which I can write:

I liked topics

  • Which platform are best for blogging
  • Questions related auto blogging
  • WordPress vs blogger

Now I will explain the second way which is a good forum for searching about your topic.

Go to

Then click on forums link and search for the topic.

Sometimes if you are not getting good Niche Market topics from boardreader then try to use google search and go to different forums to find out the topics.

So now we have a lot of Niche Market which we can use for our business.

Now we have to find out some keywords which we will use in our blog.

Division of keywords in the blog post: Head, Body and Tail

Head Keywords: These are usually single word keyword which are generic in nature. These are very competitive in nature. For example if we will search for term bank then there will be a lot of banks in search criteria such as Punjab National bank, Union Bank, State bank etc.

Body Keywords: These are usually 2-3 word phrases which are more specific than head keywords. For example we can search for State bank of India. These have somewhat lower competition in comparison to the head keywords.

Long Tail Keywords: These are usually 4+ words keyword which are very specific in nature. For example “Interest rate on fixed deposit in State bank of India”.

So my main focus will be on bod and long tail keywords which will generate a lot of traffic to the blog.

So now we have Niche Market, we have to do Keyword planning using Google keyword planning. I will explain this in the separate post.

Thanks a lot for reading this post.

If you have any doubt then please help we are ready to help you.

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