Our Changing World With internet.

Now a days everyone is connected to each other via internet. If we have no internet connectivity then we will not be able to connect with others.

My Introduction

Hello, everyone first of all i would like to introduce my self to you because without introducing my self and my back ground i would not be able to better explain you what i want to convey to you through this post.So as almost like most of the indian teenagers i have done engineering(electrical engineering) and i belong from a rural background. That’s all about me for now.

Well as the title convey our world is rapidly changing with internet and in my opinion this change has been only possible due to semiconductor revolution,recent technological advancements in communication technology and lets not forget bill gates who made personal computer a dream come true.I remember when i was in my ninth class i used to have an small panasonic mobile phone.I tried to use internet but it was an horrible experience back then.But after some time my father bought himself nokia n70 ,so it became some easy for me to use internet with it.

Years passed we all have been using keypad java operating phones until steve jobs came with touchscreen technology.After a long wait of almost 4 years(after ninth class) i bought myself an android operating system phone Galaxy s7500.so it became quite easy to access internet with added features like touch screen and better operating system like android.

I know you might be feeling bored but i have explained this whole scenario to let you understand how internet is growing and becoming an important part of our life.

Now,i would like to ask you some question why big companies like google, facebook and microsoft wants more and more people to be connected to internet?.

The answer to this question is simple because from just being an source of information internet have turned to be an large network of billions of people and thus is a great place for advertising.it is the only reason why facebook is free of cost,it is the reason why we can access gmail for free.Because such companies on being connected with us can promote the products of other companies among ourselves.

Not only this now a days we can shop almost any thing over internet thanks to e-commerce websites.we can pay our mobile,dth,electricity bill over internet.So,from being just a source of communication and information internet have grown to be place of business and commerce.E-commerce have become  an complex and wide economic system.There are so many ways of making money available over internet  with right guidance and hard work  some have even succeeded in doing so.

Now a days the situation is of such a kind that an internet connection is also important like an life line connection.To ensure connectivity we have bought big smart phones and better internet connections.we spend most of our time accessing facebook and whatsapp.The internet have penetrated so much deep into our lives that we even can’t imagine a single day without it.

It would be unwise to guess what future beholds but i know this is never going to stop and is going to increase and spread more in the coming days with more no of users and better technology the future is waiting for us.

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