The Angle of Your Finger Shows Your touchscreen is better than 3d Touch

How often is your phone or tablet in your hand? Now think about life, in let’s say, 1995. Good times, I agree. However in the world we live in today a broken screen or a faulty Mic or speaker will leave your phone and virtual world hindered. How can you watch you tube videos while you wait at the doctor’s office or play Candy Crush?

I guess, what I’m getting at, is once one becomes accustomed to new things, it is hard to go back to the way things once were.

We are surrounded with PCs, tablets, smart-phones and other smart devices and no matter how good they are, we still want to make them better and better. It does not matter what kind of a device you use, you are always trying to find something new, exciting and unexplored. Today we are going to talk about all over the world news, touchscreen on our smart devices. To be ore precise, we are going to cover a touchscreen of your smart-phone and how it get even better with one major new feature.

This new feature will benefit everyone, but people who love to plays games online will probably get the most out of it.

Smart devices are getting smarter and new features are rising all the time; and that’s a good thing. We should all use every single benefit out there and use to our advantage. New features can help you personally, but they could help you with your business as well. So keep in mind that you should always keep up with technology, because you never know when you will need to use the latest feature of some device. Now, let’s talk about this new feature an algorithm to be more precise.

The exact angle of your finger and its use

Did you know that the touchscreen of your smart-phone knows the exact angle of your finger while touching the screen? Apple wishes to convince you that basically anything beyond a simple tap requires new piece of hardware equipment in a form of a new screen and an upgrade of software. However, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off named Oeexo has a something in stored for you. Instead of having to purchase a new smart-phone you can just upgrade it.

The masterminds behind FingerAngle made a completely new algorithm which gives your smart-phone the opportunity to estimate the pose of a finger, and all that in 2D while at the same time it makes contact with your touchscreen. This action includes aby rotation of the finger as well as the angle relative to the display while it is making contact.

Though it is very subtle, the shape of a fingertip at the moment while pressed against a display is pretty much distinct based on which part of a finger is creating contact and the angle itself. That’s exactly what the masterminds behind this project are relying on in order to figure out orientation of a finger relative to a touchscreen.

How do we and why find this information useful?

Well to be able to do rotations on touchscreen we have to use two fingers. However, a small display on a device such as a smart-watch does not have enough room for a single digit.

Smart-watches can detect this new algorithm when a finger is being rotated when touching a display of a smart-watch. They can detect this even when the finger is not changing its position. This is very useful for rotating on screen dials like volume control or rotating images.

We mustn’t forget mobile gaming. This is a very interesting field where one such algorithm can be very handy. A player could just point their finger at the display and voila; they can just angle the finger toward whatever they are trying to hit.

A strict time limit has not yet been set as to when we will be able to see this new feature appear in iOS or Android operating system. There is no reason to believe that it will not appear very soon. It will probably appear in apps you can easily download to your phone. At the end it all depends on who is willing to give some money in order to license this new tech first. This is the biggest tech news so far related with touchscreen displays.


After reading all this one can conclude that technology has come to some great lengths and is getting better and better by each new day. What can we expect next is very hard to predict, but one thing is for sure; this new feature will introduce many other great features along with it. Keep up with the latest tech news and technology itself.

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