The Natural Beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is an extraordinary land with an abundance of untouched wilderness and diverse ancient species. This unfinished masterpiece still grows with the rising mountains and expanding sands born of the sea.

Over two million years ago this mountainous island was forced up by the shifting plates. Now Taiwan is home to some of the highest peaks in East Asia that make for the most captivating island landscape.

Among the ancient forests and cascading waterfall scenes, the lush flora and majestic fauna of the island is best viewed at one of Taiwan’s fantastic national parks. These eight parks provide a modern and highly educational experience to get better acquainted with the scenery of natural wonders.

Rising Mountains

With a breathtaking glance at Snow Mountain in Shei-Pa, capture some of the highest peaks of this alpine park. Shei-Pa National Park is home to Xueshan or Snow Mountain that reaches a grand escalating height of 12,749 feet above sea level! The towering ridges form natural wonders like the glacial surf on the side of Xueshan that holds a window into its icy past.

The spine of Taiwan is still growing with each year where the tallest Jade Mountain towers above Yushan National Park. Jade Mountain or Yushan is the tallest rocky peak of the island situated in the green paradise of the central mountains at an escalating height of 12,966 feet.

As the mountain grows, the coastline is painted with the passing day in places like Dongsha Atoll. The coral reefs off the coast have been formed over thousands of years. At Donsha Marine National Park spot the coral reef as it rises from the sea and takes its new place among the diverse landscape of Taiwan.

Tranquil Waters

In Yangmingshan National Park located in the northern regions of Taiwan, it is easy to spot the island’s traces of volcanic origin. Many journey to this region in particular to relax in the steamy waters of the natural hot spring scattered across this area. The hot springs make for a perfect escape coupled with a day of fantastic hiking the trails of the park.

The deepest gorges of eastern Taiwan complete the most spectacular and unique features of this young island. The Taroko gorge is a fantastic sight with tranquil waters running through. The atmosphere of lush greenery and waterfalls cascading down the steep rock-face leaves a powerful impression of peace and serenity.

The natural scenery of Taiwan is certainly flourishing with abundance and vitality. Let the vibrancy of life and colorful blooms complete the scenes of natural island beauty.

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