Top 7 sites to find free images for blog

If you are a blogger and you are publishing your posts without images then you are loosing at least 30% of your traffic.So be ready to know the resource from where you can get free images for blog.

In this post I will tell you best resources from where you can find out best and free images for blog.

First, I will tell you why do you need images for your blog. As you know, no one likes the plain text. So, with that plain text, if you can add some images to that post then readers will be more interested in reading that post because you have heard the saying that “A picture paints a thousand words”.

Convinced to use free image for blog

So, now if you have decided to use the free images for your blog, the next question is from where can we find these images? Most of the people will say, simply search for google images and you will find a lot of free images for blog. But one question from my side, if you have used image at your blog that is not freely available to everyone (means we need to pay for that image to get the copyright) and the owner can claim that you are using that image without owner’s permission then what will happen. Your post can be banned from search and that will affect the ranking if your blog.

Solution for using free images for blog

I think now you know that not every image that is available on the internet is free.  But there are a tons of websites from where you can download and use the picture without any copyright issues.

So here are the best image websites from where you can download the image and can use those images:

  1. UnSplash

This is one of the best website for using free images for the blog. UnSplash provides 10 new photos in every 10 days. It has a huge database of images under CC0 category means we can use these images on our blog directly or we can also modify the images and use it. The best thing is that we don’t have to ask for any permission.

  1. Flickr

This is another one of the best website which is gaining popularity day by day. It also contains a great database of free images under creative commons license. If you want to search any free image then search for the images which are under creative commons licence. Sometimes you have to provide the attribution and link back to the source image.

  1. Pixabay

It is a free image resource which is continuously growing. It also contains a large collection of free images under public domain. The best thing is that for most of the images you don’t have to provide the attribution and link back to the source image.

  1. Life Of Pix

You will get huge collection of high quality images at this website. You can use any image from this website as all the images on this website comes under public domain. The best thing about this website is that there is no copyright restriction.

  1. Public Domain Pictures

Another good resource for free images. It contains a large amount of free images which you can download by signing up for the website. There is also a premium download option which lets you download large size images.

  1. Creative Commons Search

It is kind of search engine instead of a website which provides you the access to a large collection of images. You can search the images from Flickr and Google Images by using this search engine.

  1. Google Image Search

Last but not least, this image search engine you already know. For searching free images you have to use advanced search option and you will get a huge collection from where you can select your image and use it.I will write one tutorial later for google image search.

So above are the websites which you can use to get the free images.

Know more websites which provides free images, please comment. I will add those websites also.

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