WordPress:How to create a free blog in 15 minutes

WordPress: Start a free blog at best blogging platform
If you have one question in your mind “How to create a free blog?” then you are at right place. In this post I will explain you how to start a free blog on best blogging platform WordPress.

Today everyone wants to be a blogger. Someone wants to start it as hobby on the other side some other people want to start it to get some money. Whatever reason is there for starting a blog and become a blogger first step is to find out the platform where you will start blogging.

Getting Started: Choose the blogging platform

There are a lot of blogging platform where you can start blogging like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and many more. You can start blogging on any of these platforms.

Top 5 blogging platforms where you can start blogging

I will tell you how to start blogging on WordPress. I have chosen this platform because it is best for starting a free blog, even my blog is also on WordPress. There are following benefits of starting the blog on WordPress.

  • It is easy to use
  • It is freely available to start a blog
  • It is secure. WordPress is known for its security
  • It has a tons of freely available templates which you can use
  • It has a tons of free plugin which will be very helpful in setting up the blog

Ok, now it is clear why I am using this WordPress platform for starting a blog.

First go to WordPress

You will find the above screen. Now click on create blog link, you will be presented with some themes, select any theme

Then it will ask for the domain name you want for your blog. By default .wordpress.com will be appended to your domain name because it is freely available. You can also buy the domain name or if you already own a domain name then you can map it to the WordPress blog but it will cost you some money.

For now I am explaining the free domain option.

Insert any name which you want for your blog

Select the first option which is free. Next you will be asked for the plan, just choose the free plan

Next step is the email information and password.

Insert the values and that’s it you are done your account is created with the blog name you have supplied in previous step 2.

Now I will explain some of the WordPress options so that you can use them and make your blog more decorated and appealing.

You have a theme option, in that option you can select a theme for your blog

You just have to click on any theme and then it will open in new window and you will be able to see the preview. If you like the theme then just click on Save and Activate button at top left.

There are a lot of plugins which you can use by clicking on the Plugins Add option which will show you plugins and you can install any plugin.

For installing any plugin just click on any plugin and you will be at the plugin page, there just click the Install button and plugin will be installed.

After that plugin will be installed. To configure that plugin just click on Plugin option and you will be able to see all installed plugin, If you want to configure any of the plugin then you can do it from here.

Till now we were setting up the blog so that it can be attractive and easy to use but now I will explain the most important thing which is post.


By clicking on these options you will see the posts or pages present on your blog.

I will explain how to create a post. Click on Blog Posts Add button and you will be redirected to the page where you can write the post.

For now the most important thing is your blog title and the body part. Try to find an attractive title so that you can attract some users and try to write good content for your post and after completing the post Publish the post.

So above is all about how to start a free blog with WordPress. I will explain some more options of WordPress in future posts. But for now it is enough to get started with WordPress and start a free blog.

So your journey doesn’t end here but It has started and if you want to make it successful and bright then try to produce great content and attract the users.

If you have any doubt or queries please comment and one more thing if you have liked this post then please share it and encourage me write good content post.


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